sequence-structure ALignment to Tertiary Structure

AL2TS service is designed to generate tertiary structure (3D model) for a given sequence-structure alignment model. If you don't have sequence-structure alignment data for your sequence of amino-acids then you can use AS2TS server to search for the homologues proteins in PDB and then build a 3D model.

AL2TS service provides the possibility to translate sequence-structure alignment data (see example)

MODEL   Name of the model (Query)
1WDN_A  PDB code of the chain of protein used as a template ("Sbjct")


to tertiary structure (coordinates) version of the protein model.

Please check HELP for more information about format requirements.

(Optional) name of the model (Query).

Name the PDB code of the chain of protein used as a "Sbjct" or upload your local file containing "Sbjct" structure:
PDB code (use _A to indicate chain A)   or   local

Paste or type your alignment data into the box below (AL format or 'Query:' and 'Sbjct:' records).

Start residue numbering   and atom numbering   in the translated 3D structure (in the model).
Side-chains building procedure (SCWRL ):    NO    SCWRL    IDres+SCWRL

Note: Sometimes side-chains calculations can take several minutes. When IDres+SCWRL option is selected, then identical residues are copied from the template (STATIC_FRAME) to the model, and the Scwrl program is used to calculate side chain atom positions for remaining residues only.

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