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On the top of Mt. Whitney (07/03/1999)
14,491' (4417 meters)

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Developed numerical measures and algorithms

Evaluate secondary structure prediction accuracy: SOV measure
Translate sequence - structure alignment (AL) into tertiary structure (TS): AL2TS
Automated protein structure modeling system: AS2TS    AS2TS_MB
Structure Alignment-based Clustering of Proteins : STRALCP
Structure Alignment-based Sequence Variability: STRALSV
Sequence Alignment-based Sequence Variability : SEQALSV
Protein structure predictions evaluation system: ACE
Sequence Identity and Structure Comparison facility: SISC
Protein Structure Comparison Facility: LGA (numerical measures: GDT and LCS)    LGA_list
Elbow Angle Calculation: RBOW

Developments for CASP projects (CASP1 - CASP5)

In collaboration with John Moult, Tim Hubbard, Ceslovas Venclovas and Krzysztof Fidelis he developed a complete computational infrastructure and evaluation system (ACE - Automated CASP Evaluator) to assess protein structure modeling techniques for the worldwide Critical Assessment of Protein Structure Prediction (CASP) competitions.

Target submission facilities
Prediction submission facilities
Numerical evaluation of submitted predictions
Graphical presentation and Interactive browsers for evaluation results (see examples of LGA and GDT plots below)

His novel numerical measures and algorithms: LCS, GDT (GDT_TS, GDC_sc, GDC_all) for evaluation structural models, and LGA - structure comparison and alignment program are routinely used by CASP's organizers and assessors to evaluate accuracy of predicted structural models.